• The Gentle Art of Qigong
    Tools for your self-healing
    Easy to learn and easy to do...but such an impact! You will learn several movements that will wake your body, clear it of harmful blockages, calm your mind and create a sense of peace.

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  • You Can Meditate
    Take control of your life
    Once you have learned qigong you will want to discover the changes that mind training can bring about. The methods and principles taught will equip your for a life-long journey of self-exploration. You will quickly be able to establish an effective meditation practice.

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  • Holistic Healing
    Jack Risk is a qigong healer
    Pain, stress, anxiety, depression, arthritis, cancer, addictions, fibromyalgia, psychological difficulties.... Many chronic conditions require special attention. Find out what an experienced qigong healer can do for you.

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  • Public Events
    Learn meditation for free
    Jack Risk provides meditation instruction and leadership every Wednesday at Acadia University Library. There is no charge. You don't need special equipment or dress. You don't need any prior experience of meditation.

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Acadia U. Qigong

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Qigong and Meditation Will Change Your Life

Qigong is the ancient Chinese art of cultivating health and longevity. Disease-causing blockages can be removed by working with the flow of bioenergy (qi) through and around the body.

Meditation has been practiced for millennia in many traditions. In our modern setting the benefits of meditation are being corroborated in a huge number of scientific studies.

Learning Qigong and meditation will offer you the means to heal yourself on every level and give you the tools to inquire into truth and happiness.

Training in Qigong and Meditation

In qigong training you will be introduced to a wide assortment of easy-to-learn and easy-to-do movements. You will be able immediately to establish a daily practice and embark with assurance on a process of self-healing. Doing the movements will help you to relieve stress and restore health to your entire body. You will soon be enjoying deep relaxation, serenity, increased vigour and confidence.

In meditation training you will be provided with the tools and clear understandings that will enable you to meditate effectively. You will make quick progress in quietening the mind and gaining insight.

Every week Jack leads public meditation sessions at Acadia University Library.

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Jack Risk, Instructor and Healer

Jack began practicing qigong in 2000 under the tutelage of Master Yap Soon Yeong. He had begun meditating several years earlier. Jack has taught in various centres across Canada. After ten years in Winnipeg during which he taught large numbers of people Qigong and meditation, Jack has recently relocated to Kentville, Nova Scotia. This marks a return to Nova Scotia where he had previously resided and taught large numbers of people Qigong.

Jack will share the gift of Qigong with you and show you how you can harmonize the body with the mind. He will also provide you with sound principles of meditation that will permit you to train yourself in detachment, openness and equanimity.

Once you have trained with Jack he will continue to support you with regular practice groups. He has made a practice of organizing occasional qigong practice sessions and meditation retreats to help you make real progress. Jack continually expands the resources and materials on this website to aid your practice.

Jack Risk is an experienced qigong healer. To set up an appointment contact Jack.


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What People Say

Jack is a brilliant teacher, putting himself in the student's place, anticipating problems and questions, meticulous yet relaxed. The weekend flowed—yet it was packed with information and learning. It left me recharged and inspired.

- Anna Taylor, Blockhouse, NS


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Kentville, Nova Scotia, Canada