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Training Opportunities for 2019-2020

Qigong Course - Kentville, NS - 2020 - Four Saturday Afternoons April-May

Type: Qigong training course
Town: Kentville, NS
Dates: April 18, 25, May 2, 9, 2019
Format: Four Saturday afternoons
Click to see What You Will Learn below.
Times: 2:00 to 5:00 p.m.
Price: $150.00.
Price is flexible for those on limited income.
Continuing student policy applies — if you have previously taken a course in qigong with Jack, your price is $75.00 (50%) to repeat.
Payment and Commitment: Make payment at least two weeks in advance by email transfer or cheque.
A minimum of five registrations is required for this course to go ahead.
All students are expected to attend every session in its entirety. Please ensure you are able to make this commitment before registering.
Booklets: Three booklets of instruction will be provided to registrants.
Location: St. James Anglican Church
Address: 18 Prospect Ave, Kentville, NS B4N 2K7
Directions: Click for map
Contact: If you have questions, feel free to contact Jack. Go to contact page.
Additional Information: Snacks and teas will be available but you are free to bring your own refreshments.
No scents, please.
People who have previously taken Qigong training with Jack will be invited to join us for the third session to be held on June 23. This will be a refresher for them and an experience of qigong in a larger group for you. For all of us it will be an opportunity to extend the qigong community.
Please Note: Dates to be confirmed.

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What You Will Learn in Qigong Training

  • Learn Qigong first and then return for meditation training
  • Jack Risk provides ongoing support to trainees

1. The Hexagram

The Hexagram is a seven-movement set that has an overall cleansing effect. It contains the tools for your self-healing and resilient health. You will find that the benefits of practicing the Hexagram are immediate and cumulative. Along with closing affirmations and breathings, the whole set takes less than fifteen minutes.

2. Twelve Complementary Movements

You will also learn a dozen stand-alone movements that can easily fit into your busy life. These include standing, seated and walking movements. Each qigong movement is capable of bringing about huge changes in outlook, state of health, stress levels, immune function etc.

3. Principles of Healing

Qigong gives you the tools to heal yourself and build radiant health. You will receive an introduction to the theory and principles that underlie the movements. These principles will support you in your daily practice and guide you as you move toward greater vitality, clarity and calmness.

4. An Experience of Group Healing

As well as being about self-healing and meditation, qigong is about the external healing of others. In this training session you will participate in a demonstration of group healing.

Ongoing Support

Opportunities to Practice

Jack is committed to providing ongoing support to all of his students. Keep your eye open for practice groups and occasional refresher sessions. After you have maintained a Qigong practice for several months consider learning to meditate.

Resources on this Website

A password-protected set of resources is available to everyone who has taken Qigong training with Jack. These resources include:

  • videos of movements
  • complete written instructions for each of the movements
  • notes on technique, principles, concepts
  • helps to assist and encourage you in your practice
  • information on self-healing and working with pain
To Register for Qigong Training

Register by email or telephone

  • Payment in advance is required.
  • Scholarships are available.
  • A minimum number of registrants is required.
  • Dates of trainings are tentative until confirmed.
  • In the case of cancellation payments will be refunded or held over.

Repeating Levels Policy

Any continuing student will receive a 50% discount to repeat any level. There are real benefits to repeating your training experience. You will be helped to deepen and further refine your practice.

Qigong and Pregnancy

Pregnant women ought not to begin Qigong training until after the birth has occurred. There is a small but real chance that enhanced blood flow to the uterus may increase the possibility of a miscarriage. Those who become pregnant after commencing the practice, however, are encouraged to continue. Qigong will make for an easier delivery, healthier baby and reduced post-partum depression.

What People Say

I just did a two-day, Level One qigong workshop presented by Jack Risk, with the able assistance of his wife, Chris. I highly recommend it to both new and old (like myself) practitioners. Jack is a brilliant teacher, putting himself in the student's place, anticipating problems and questions, meticulous yet relaxed. The weekend flowed—yet it was packed with information and learning. It left me recharged and inspired.

- Anna Taylor

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